coil 2010
coil project started out with a slab i cut out in a wierd shape,
then i rolled clay out then stacked and molded it to the shape of my
slab. then i glazed it green.


coil bowl
the coil bowl i cut a small slab of clay, then made clay coils then
molded then smoothly together and dipped the bowl in red slip and carved
out patterns. once fired i glazed it oil black.


Slab Bowl
for the slab bowl i rolled out a slab, casted the clay to a small bowl, then smoothed it out
until all wrinkles and cracked were covered. once it was fired i glazed the outside blue,
and the inside iron red.


Wheel Mug1
to make the mug i started out with a small ball of clay on the wheel
and shaped the clay to a small cylinder but left the bottom half a little
thicker than the top so i could then carve different carvings into the mug.
i then made a small handle that i attached later when the clay was hard enuff.
once fired i glazed it green with black streaks.


pinch bowl
for the pinch bowl i started out with ball of clay and pinched and molded out
to the form of a bowl. once i got it shaped how i wanted it i pushed in and out
at several areas around the bowl to get that dented look. once fired i glazed inside iron red, the
outside green and bottom black.


Final project

for the final project i started off on the wheel and made a small cone
that i let dry and carved small rivers into the sides. next i made a plate that i maDE
two seperate bowls inside the plate and carved the sides of to show design. next i made a coil
tower attached to the top of my plate that was ontop of the cone. the very top of coil is a very small
bowl which i slit the sides and draw spirals in and outside the bowl. once the piece was fired i used
4 diffrerent glazes. white and black on the cone. green and iron red on bowl/plate. and iron red for the coil tower.